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Our Investment

Every film we produce is meticulously handcrafted to illustrate your most intimate and candid moments on the most important day of your lives as a couple. To create these beautiful stories, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with you from the beginning. We get to know you and the details of your wedding day intimately prior to the event so we are guaranteed to capture all of the moments that matter most.

On the day of your wedding, we do our best to keep a low profile so we can capture the day in an uninterrupted matter to film all the most authentic moments. We believe each moment of your wedding day should truly be focused on you. We film continuously throughout the day to grab as many of the minute and monumental moments as we can, from those little happy dances you do in your getting ready suite to the first kiss you share as a married couple at the conclusion of your ceremony.

After your day comes to a close, we begin reviewing footage and audio from the entire day and selecting several cinematic songs that fit your wedding’s overall mood and style. We then start the journey of weaving your story’s narrative and visuals together in a way that you will want to watch year after year together.

We are beyond grateful to deliver the highest quality wedding cinema that you and your loved ones can enjoy for a lifetime.

Collection Features

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Our wedding spotlights are more intricate than your standard highlight reel. Within one week of your wedding, we create and share with you a 30-second teaser video featuring a selection of stunning visuals from your wedding and set them to a raw and captivating narrative, such as a heartfelt speech or handwritten note. The wedding spotlight is offered with all of our collections.

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Similar to the wedding spotlight, our cinematic trailers are highly shareable and watchable videos that give you an overview of your precious event in a few-minute piece. The trailer is an infectious longer-cut glimpse into your wedding day that allows you and your friends to relive some of the best moments and is sure to get everyone excited for your full film. Available with select collections.

Photo provided by: Elario Photography


This is what you have been waiting for. Our cinematic features are how we tell the most intensive visual story of your wedding day, carefully crafted and set to several selections of soul-stirring, non-mainstream music, making it a soundtrack that’s all your own. We use the most powerful audio samplings taken from speeches, toasts, and sometimes even casual conversations you’ve already forgotten to drive your story. The length of your cinematic feature will depend on the collection you choose. 

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We understand couples want to be able to watch the most crucial portions of their wedding day from beginning to end. We offer documentary edits of the absolutely vital moments, including the ceremony, first look(s), introductions, special dances, reception toasts, and cake cutting with all of our packages. For example, in your final product, you will have the option to select and watch your wedding ceremony from start to finish cut between multiple camera angles and using our cleanest audio source for the best viewing experience.

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Your final product will be delivered using a high-definition online media program that has all of the functionality of a traditional DVD with added shareability benefits. From the main menu, you can select from among the options that are available to you depending on the wedding collection you have chosen. You can share your film with others and conveniently download it onto multiple computers, hard drives, and discs so you always have several copies (which we highly recommend). This is your love story, on demand.