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Your wedding day is so much more than an event. It’s a whirlwind of emotion – of tears, of laughter, of surprise, of anticipation, of utter elation. Your video should capture the heart and soul of your life’s biggest moment in the purest way, and that is what we strive to do.

Our mission is to not let those tender moments pass through the day without also passing through our lenses. We derive our greatest joy by getting to include those sentimental instances that otherwise would have gone uncaptured into your final product. We aren’t satisfied to give you a standard start to finish cut of your wedding day, and that’s why we take scrupulous care to weave your story together in a way that is enthralling and timeless. This stems for our nature and background as documentary filmmakers.

We can’t wait to help you relive your story and all of its impassioned little moments.

A Brief Introduction

William Beyer is owner and lead cinematographer of W Beyer Creative Weddings. Will has a degree in documentary filmmaking and 7 years of experience creating wedding films, traveling everywhere from New York City to San Francisco to tell couples’ stories.
Allison Beyer is cinematographer, creative director, and social media manager. Allison is also one of our area’s few certified drone pilots in the wedding industry, giving you a unique birds eye view of your day safely and skillfully.

Together, we are dedicated to capturing moments of all magnitudes that happen during your ultimate ceremonious event, from a fleeting sentimental touch to your passionate wedding vows. It’s these moments that we believe make all the difference to your story, and we remain vigilant in filming them on the single incredible day that we are privileged to share with you.